‘Storytelling makes you fly.’

We believe storytelling is the perfect vehicle for exploring social and emotional skills.  To tell a story involves cognitive skills of imagination and memory as well good communication skills.  A story is packed full of different emotions and characters who have to think and solve a wide range of problems and dilemmas.  Storytelling is a fun and natural way of learning important life and social skills.    Someone once said at one of our workshops, Storytelling makes you fly’ and we believe storytelling lifts the spirit and boosts wellbeing.

Our programmes aim to help children, especially vulnerable learners, learn about the nature of thoughts and feelings and how we can make choices based on thinking about feelings rather than being pushed impulsively into them.  We aim to develop emotional literacy and increase flexible thinking that can help lay the foundation for good emotional health and resilience.   We always start our work at the level where the children are at and aim to extend their skill levels from the place where they are.

We believe emotional literacy skills are relevant to all and  do not see it as a quality that children either have or don’t have.  Rather it is a set of skills that are constantly developing throughout life and that can enhance our abilities to learn, deal with difficulties, guide our actions and so play a full part in life and work.   We also like to work with school staff so that they can develop the work after we leave.

Our projects can work in tandem with other learning projects within the school setting.  Please contact us to learn more.

Evaluation Report: Feelings are Funny Things: – Pilot Project for Vulnerable Learners 2018-19.

ODYSSEY EVALUATION REPORT: Here Comes Trouble – Retelling The Odyssey-A Transition Project for Vulnerable Learners – Autumn 2019

How our work fits with the new Curriculum in Wales

“The inside does not work like the outside.  The inside is more like the sea than the land, it moves in waves.”